The Eagles Nest Retreat
About US:
The Eagles Nest Retreat established in 2006 as a mission  arm of the Timothy Ministry founded in 1983.  The TM was founded to send Kevin and Kathy Youse as church planters to Germany.  It is a vital ministry of Cherryvale Baptis Church Sumter, SC. 
TM News and Information
Preaching for 40 years.
30 years church planting and evangelizing.
5 years at the Eagles Nest Retreat.
Eagles Nest - A 1200 sq. ft. suite.
Amenities: We provide all linens and towels, laundry, refrigerator apt. size, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker,  52” satellite TV, Gas grill, fire pit, clay bird shooting range, pellet gun range, paper plates, napkins, plastic spoons and forks, cups, coffee, creamer and sweetener,  beach, fishing. 8 Miles to nearest stores and restaurants.  No kitchen sink or stove. 
Where God's servants rest and revive.
Is. 40:30,31
The retreat overlooks scenic Normandy Lake in Normandy, TN
There is no charge for qualified ministry personnel.
We will treat you right.
 info and reservation   phone number: (931)  857-3318 
Come join us for rest and    adventure. 
Due to Kevin's illness caused by agent orange in Vietnam, we are temporarily unable to accept requests to stay at the Eagle's Nest.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please pray for us.